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  • 09/11/18

    I have received outstanding care from my case manager nurse, Jancil T., and my home health nurse's aide, Meseret T. I have been a patient of VITAS Healthcare for about nine months and I have now been discharged. My over all experience with VITAS has been quite good, and two members of your staff have given me exceptional care. Jancil brings joy with her smile and warm presence. She is proficient with her nursing skills and consistently changes my wound dressing tenderly and with long-lasting results. Meseret helps me with my shower so that the wound dressing (on my head) stays dry while my hair, face, and body are cleansed. Before Meseret, my skin was dry and flaky, but now it is moist and smooth. She also helps in other ways like putting the towels into the washing machine. These two fine members of your staff have added greatly to my appreciation of VITAS.

  • 04/19/18

    Thank you for providing such amazing care for my father Hilardo. VITAS was sowonderful and very caring. You treated my father with the respect and dignity he deserved. Thank you for helping the family!

  • 03/20/18

    When VITAS Healthcare visited me at my home, they were so friendly and professional. Our social worker, nurse, case manager, home aide, and chaplain always had a comforting attitude and were always smiling. I was my mother's caregiver. VITAS took really good care of my mother. The nurse and hospice aide showed me how to care for my mother as best as possible. The nurse showed me how to administer my mother's medication. If there were any problems, I could contact the nurse or VITAS and they would quickly and carefully advise me on what to do or VITAS would send someone to my home to address the issue. Your team made the time that my mother had left more comfortable for my family. I truly appreciate what VITAS Healthcare did for my mother.

  • 02/25/18

    About 6 months ago, my family member required hospice and eventually, 24 hour care. Every member of VITAS that we were in contact with with was very professional and more importantly, very caring. The last 2 weeks of his life were very emotional for us and the VITAS staff took care of everything. I would like to thank them all for their compassion and comfort when he passed away. I recommend VITAS Healthcare to any and everyone that needs hospice. Thank you again for everything!

  • 02/03/18

    I want to thank all of the kind-hearted people that helped us care for my mom the last few weeks of December 2017. You are all so amazing and very much appreciated! Keep up the good kind hearted work that you do! Thank you all once again!

  • 01/24/18

    I want to thank everyone for all the selfless care that was given to my grandmother, Jo W., and to our family, during the last week of her life. We are all very grateful for everything. You are all beautiful angels who helped us through this very difficult and painful time in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 12/31/17

    Thank you VITAS for the loving care you gave my mother and our family. Your presence, in-home care and palliative care, made all the difference in helping mom (and us) on her final journey.

  • 08/22/17

    I've had a great experience with VITAS Healthcare during my mother's end of life. I loved how patient and caring they were with my mom. They made her feel comfortable, especially when you sent someone that spoke her language. Everything was calm and professional. The team had great communication with our family. After mom passed, the team was still there to support our family, which made coping a better experience for us. I would recommend VITAS in Milpitas, CA to everyone who needs hospice care for a loved one. A big thank you for all you guys did for my mother and family.

  • 07/31/17

    My mom passed away in early July peacefully at home in her own bed at the age of 93. She finally agreed to hospice care 3 days before she died. Everyone from VITAS was so wonderful. They were there as much for me as for mom. The last 26 hours we had round the clock care with 3 shifts of nurses. They were all great, but I especially want to mention Demetria for her experience, kindness, & wisdom. Gracias.

  • 07/12/17

    My family had the overwhelmingly incredible experience with VITAS Healthcare of Sacramento. My dad, Dominic S., was in your amazingly loving service for 5 days. Your staff provided above and beyond all measures! The expertise and love that each person from VITAS came with was extraordinary. I would like to wrap my arms around Shawn, our chaplain. He reached out and prayed for me as we had to leave another hospice company and jump into the arms of VITAS. Imelda, our care nurse, was incredible and honest. You sent us 2 amazing nurses, Gus and Dan. These were extremely devoted and caring lovely nurses that held our hands through this process. We will love them forever!

  • 07/12/17

    My experience with VITAS was one of positivity. I can't really say that many situations in life leave us with a feeling of support when it comes to something so final as a loved ones passing, but the fact that there was always someone to watch over my mother gave me a comforting feeling. Not only was she not alone, but I was not either. My mother meant the world to me and the pain still lingers daily. When she passed, I was there due to VITAS volunteers giving me hourly updates via phone. I was asked if there was anything specifically that I wanted or that she had requested. Thank you so much for all your help. I really couldn't have done it with out you. I truly mean that. Your physician called me everyday to give me a rough guess as to how long she had left so I could plan accordingly. Gracias.

  • 05/26/17

    I had been wanting to send message about my experience with VITAS. My mother was with hospice due to her heart condition. I took care of my mother in the evening and weekends​. The help from the nurses when I was stressed, afraid and had no confidence in what I was doing was truly touching. Our nurse was there to walk me through the situation & explained what I needed to do. The VITAS team came to my mother's home at all times of the day. With that wonderful service, I got through a difficult time of my life. My family will always indebted to VITAS. 5 million stars to VITAS of San Jose, CA. Thank you.

  • 05/15/17

    My husband received the most wonderful care from VITAS Healthcare. The nurses who assisted us were so kind, compassionate and tender with him. They also let me know what to expect and explained the medications thoroughly. I highly recommend VITAS.

  • 02/20/17

    Thank you VITAS for the help you gave me when my husband was sick. You were my support - I would like to be able to help as you helped me - thank you for being so kind to us thank you and may God bless you.