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Average Rating: 4.9

  • 09/09/18

    VITAS cared for my uncle, who was 94, in the last stages of his life. He had no other family nearby except for myself & my immediate family. I have NEVER experienced a more caring, knowledgeable or trustworthy group of health care givers anywhere. They followed through on every service they promised or offered, above and beyond anything I ever expected. VITAS treated my uncle with the utmost respect and dignity. They kept me informed every step of the way & I will never forget their professional, caring way of handling every detail. I recommend highly them when you are at the point of needing those services for your loved one. They are much more than a service. They are a very special group of individuals. God bless them all.

  • 08/21/18

    We switched to VITAS and it was the best decision that we ever made. They were with our family until the very end when until my mom passed and I am so very grateful. The nurses, doctors, CNAs, and the rest of the team that came into our home were just wonderful.

  • 08/05/18

    It has only been about an hour since my dear friend, Terry/Helene L. passed, but I could not wait to let all of you know how grateful her family and friends are for the exceptional care she received all through this transitional process. Dr. B, Sherry and Crystal- thank you for being so patient, kind, and loving. I know you go through the same questions over and over with the loved ones trying to predict the time, but you always gave us what you could. The aides went through quite an ordeal trying to keep her clean but remained professional and respectful throughout. Even the cleaning staff was wonderful to us. I would not hesitate to recommend VITAS to others and am blessed and grateful to have had you on the path of love and transition with Terry. 

  • 03/04/18

    The VITAS staff is fantastic. Case manager Kristina, our chaplain, and our nurse Robbie were simply amazing. We had the most amazing aide, Sasha. The care, compassion, and love for VITAS hospice patients is clear. Sasha should train all employees on how to interact. She was calm, quiet, supportive, and always managed to position my father so he looked peaceful and rested. I can't express enough gratitude for her kindness to both my father and my mother during this extremely difficult time. She was truly an angel and a blessing to my family during this difficult time. Thank you VITAS and especially Sasha for all you did for our family.

  • 02/15/18

    The VITAS staff is wonderful and the overall service they provide is excellent. In addition to holistic management of my relative's medical condition, they provide much needed emotional support to the patient. The VITAS nurse repeatedly goes out of her way to meet my relative's needs and to respond to requests. This organization and their services provide much-needed guidance, oversight, and hands-on care that my relative would not otherwise receive. There are varying degrees of proactiveness among the staff, but all I have met directly have been professional and helpful. If not for VITAS, my relative would be in a nursing home and finding little to enjoy at this difficult time in her life. We appreciate all the VITAS team does.

  • 01/25/18

    My daughter Katie was in the care of VITAS. The nurses, doctors, and therapist were all there until the very end. I could not have done it without her main nurse Kathy, her child life specialist Paige, the pet therapy specialist Jorge, the music therapist and Nicole, the physical therapist. All of them were so compassionate and caring through this process. She was 7 years old. No parent can prepare themselves for the passing of their child, but they all helped so much. Thank you so very much!

  • 01/03/18

    My father received hospice care from VITAS for fourteen days, which included the Christmas holiday. Throughout the entire time, our VITAS team was extraordinary. They sincerely cared about my father's comfort and our nurse always took the time to communicate with our family so that we were well informed and involved in the process. Professionalism with such a personal touch is very comforting during a difficult time and we will always be thankful. We met many wonderful people during this time, but will always remember nurse Janice, who was with us at the end. She sacrificed her own Christmas with her family to be with my father and even stayed for an extended period of time to ensure that he received the care and respect he deserved. We are calling her our Christmas angel. Thank you to the entire VITAS team for providing the care and respect that my father deserved during his final days.

  • 12/09/17

    Everyone we came in contact with from VITAS exceeded my expectations. Thank you to our nurse Elizabeth, Angela who got us home, the nurses who cared for my dad once we were home (Juan, Jackie, Remise, Ricard), our social worker Christina. I cannot thank Nurse Myrna and social worker Jennifer enough for their compassion and professionalism. Gracias por todo lo que hacen. All my dad wanted was to come home and VITAS made that possible.

  • 11/11/17

    I care for a woman last year who was on hospice care with VITAS Healthcare. Becky, our nurse, and Lacey our CNA, were some of the most caring individuals I've ever met. I was so impressed with their professionalism and kindness. The team always went above and beyond to make sure their patient was taken care of while helping the family through one of the hardest times of their lives.

  • 08/16/17

    I could not have gotten through the caregiver process without the help of VITAS. There was help and encouragement and compassion from Day 1. My nurse, George was so helpful and informative. The social worker encouraged respite for me after she saw the stress I was under. I recommend this service for anyone who has a loved one at their later years in life and need help. Gracias.

  • 07/28/17

    Dr. Enrique is an amazing physician. We felt like family the moment we met him. We love him!
  • 06/22/17

    VITAS Healthcare has been providing my parents with exceptional service in a very caring and professional manner. My mom has said repeatedly that your caregivers are a godsend and she feels blessed that they are in her life. Thanks for all you do.

  • 06/13/17

    My sister, brother and I want to give a heart-felt THANK YOU for the wonderfully compassionate in-home hospice care provided to our mother Lorice K of Indialantic, Florida until her passing on June 3rd. We simply had no idea this awesome level of care even existed. A special thanks to all on your Melbourne, Florida Team #186 including Dr. Donald D., RN Barbara B., Social Worker Kandace T., Chaplin Corey B. and Nurse Aid Erin S. Thanks to all the nurses and CNAs on the critical care team who looked after our Mom in her final days, to Brevard Medical Equipment Company for their many prompt & cheerful deliveries, and to the many others who have worked behind the scenes to make the burden of our loss bearable. We cannot adequately express our gratitude to you all.

  • 05/29/17

    I recently flew from CA to Cantonment, Florida, to be with my sister & her husband Gerald, who was in hospice care. I cannot lavish enough praise on the team that cared for my sisiter and brother-in-law. Gerald passed on Friday and in the five days I was there, Lauren, the social worker visited with us three times. Daniella, the nurse, visited twice, and the manager, Keith, had spent significant time with us. Lauren and Daniella were the most compassionate, loving and understanding team I could have asked for. They explained everything in detail to my sister and never seemed rushed. They took care of all the arrangements for my sister. They were a tremendous comfort to the family.

  • 05/03/17

    I would like to commend case manager, Elsie Conde. She has helped out our family so much and went out of her way to make sure my father got the care he needed. She genuinely cared. Thank you so much Elsie!!
  • 04/28/17

    The angels at VITAS hospice in Highlands Regional Medical Center were amazing! They too such good care of our Mom. They did everything possible to keep her comfortable and resting quietly.

    The staff and doctors always took as much time as we needed to answer questions and to keep us informed on mom's different stages. We even had a very sweet lady stop into our room with her beautiful golden retrievers.

    We know that God directed the whole situation and helped our mom make her final journey home, as pleasant as can be expected. ¡Gracias!

  • 04/25/17

    My mom passed away in December of 2016. We only needed VITAS for a few days, but what a blessing those few days were. Kevin was with us when Mom finally went Home and he was such a comfort. God made sure that Kevin was the person with us for Mom's home-going and I am so thankful that it was him!

    I was not sure what to expect with hospice, and I want to thank you for everything. Mostly for the kind, caring, comfort that mom received, and that we all received as well. God bless you all!

  • 01/23/17

    I will be forever grateful for the staff that took care of my mother Connie R. Latoya Pope had my mother enjoying so much and I think I saw more smiles than ever, when she was with her. I live in Atlanta and at a time was trying to arrange mom to be closer at a facility in Roswell and Mom said if it wasn't under VITAS care she wasn't coming. She even wanted to see if her nurse and aide could come up to stay. Breonna Justiss was her nurse and Latoya Pope was her aide. Forever grateful.

    The chaplains Rick and David were also so vital to Mom finding peace. I know my mother will be in heaven. Rick even came and spoke at Mom's celebration of life and Latoya Pope, Breonna Justiss all came (not on shift) to share and have followed up with me just to check on family.

    They have the most caring hearts and went above and beyond in moms care, and support of family. I will forever be grateful.