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Average Rating: 4.6

  • 05/10/18

    I want to thank all of you for your wonderful care of my mom, Ada. You were a godsend and I am so grateful for your help. Lindsay, Felicia, Ali, Eric, Patty and Charles (agency nurse) treated my mom with tenderness and love, making her as comfortable as possible. May God bless you all and you will always be in my prayers..

  • 01/05/18

    My daughter spent a total of five years in all three hospices in our area but it wasn't until we entered VITAS that she was able to "live" for the rest of her life. She had wonderful care and was treated with dignity and compassion with an emphasis on life. Tthank you VITAS for all the help and care that she received.

  • 12/30/17

    Thank you for 2.5 years of support, caring, and strength as Margie N. journeyed through her final days of dementia. Without your assistance, it would have been a near impossible time for Margie and my family. Special thanks to Jennifer L. for the loving medical care and Darlene R. for her relentless pursuit of Medicaid funding.Blessings for your time, support, and assistance.

  • 08/23/17

    I would highly recommend VITAS. They go above and beyond to bring the best of care to their patients with an abundance of caring, understanding, and a smile on their faces. They all seem to love their job! Our team did a fantastic job for my uncle in his last few months. He especially loved Dr. Sasha and his wonderful nurse Diane.

  • 05/10/17

    My mother, Elizabeth B., was a patient with VITAS for approximately 15 months and the care she was given was wonderful. The aide that came to bathe her and get mother out of bed 3 times a week, Megan, was the most caring and loving person we could have ever asked for. Megan was gentle, efficient, and always gave mother a kiss on the forehead before leaving. When mother took a turn for the worse and had to have 24 hour care the last week of her life, we had some nice CNA stay with her but we will always be grateful to Marie Pierre who stay with mother for 24 hours since there was no replacement for her when her shift was suppose to end. When the end did come, the nurse was so caring to our loss, gave us all the time we needed to say good bye, and did not leave until the funeral home took mother away. We will always be grateful to these wonderful, caring, VITAS employees. Our family will never forget your kindness. Megan, we miss seeing you each week.

  • 04/22/17

    My stepfather received care from VITAS in Edgewater, Florida. We could not have asked for better care than what he received from VITAS.

    There are several employees that we cannot thank enough and they are Mary (Jenny), Tina, Glen, Patty, Daniel, Holly, Thelma, and Chip. Sorry if we have forgotten any names. Their compassion and caring hearts - we will be forever grateful.

    It takes a certain type of individual to deal with patients in their final days of life and I truly believe you found true gems to help not only my stepfather but also our family. I believe there will be a special place in heaven for all of you.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  • 04/12/17

    My father, diagnosed with Alzheimer's, was in a memory care unit for 18 months and under VITAS care for approximately half of that time. From the intake nurse to the office staff to his team leader and nurses (Roger and Jennifer and Steve and Aggie, among others) as well as the the social worker (Carla) to the chaplains who were helpful with my father's wife throughout all of this, and the physicians - VITAS was amazing in their attention and care to both my father and his wife.

    They stepped in and provided medication and materials and equipment and handled everything in a professional and generous manner. We are deeply appreciative and grateful to them and for them.

    Anyone who is fortunate enough to come under their care will soon join me and my family is singing their praises. Thanks team. You really are the best.