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  • 03/19/18

    My mother passed away almost 1 year ago and VITAS was there every step of the way. They provided help and support for me, the caregiver, as well as our family. I am a single parent and have been her caregiver for the last 15 years. Some days, it seemed like I never had time to my self. I am so thankful for the support, advice, help and council I received from VITAS. It was truly invaluable. I had no idea it would be so comprehensive. The chaplain was so available to us, more than her own church of 87 years. Even after she passed, I received cards from the staff. Thank you to the entire Lombard staff!

  • 02/06/18

    VITAS' care of my terminally ill brother was wonderful. From Sue, my brother's patient manager, to Holly and Therese, his nurses, they all showed nothing but kindness, gentility, respect and dignity. They spoke to him as a human being, explained what they were doing, bathed him and made him as comfortable as possible. They explained things to the rest of the family as gently and up front as possible as death became imminent. They really guided us through the process in such a nice way. And Sue was on top of my brother's declining health, watching for certain signs. I will be forever grateful for the care they showed to my brother and our whole family.

  • 09/26/17

    VITAS helped give us over a year of more time with our mother. The kindness, compassion and dedication they showed to not only our mother, but us children, is more than I can express in words. We will be eternally grateful to the entire VITAS team and they will always be in our hearts and prayers.

  • 07/15/17

    I'm glad to have had hospice care for my mother, who was in the final stages of heart failure. I was blessed to have my mother's life end at home. Nurse Laura, Diane., Sam, & John all helped me with my caregiver anxiety. I received nothing but kindness, understanding and assurance during this emotional time. The always cheerful Magdalena gave us spiritual guidance. Thanks VITAS from all of my family who loved my mother.

  • 02/06/17

    Our family physician recommended VITAS Hospice, as his own father was cared for by them. Before my mom even left the hospital, a VITAS care team member visited us and started our experience off right, giving us the confidence and reassurance my siblings and I needed after hearing the news we didn't expect to hear. Everything was set up for Mom by the time she came home. All her caregivers were courteous, responsive and compassionate. They gave us great advice on how to care for Mom.

  • 01/19/17

    Hi, just want to say thank you for the wealth of information regarding grief and bereavement on your website. I'm a School Social Worker with Chicago Public Schools and I found that the info you shared will be greatly beneficial for my parents, students, and teachers.