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Maneras de honrar a un ser querido fallecido

Hero- Ways to honor a loved one

Honoring Her Memory

The other diners couldn't hear the sound of four clinking glasses in the busy restaurant, but to the four women at the table their toast marked a special moment. Every year they get together for a weekend to celebrate the life of their mother. They share stories about her, they wear clothes in her favorite color-turquoise- and they end the weekend at her favorite restaurant. It's their way of honoring her memory.

Once the funeral is over and a loved one’s things are cleared away, having a special way to honor them can help soothe the hurt of grief. It can be as simple as lighting a candle in church. It can involve spending an entire weekend remembering. Honoring a loved one after they're gone ensures that a connection so strong during life remains with you even after death.

Here are some ways to get through the grieving process.

Ideas to Get You Started

  • Preserve a loved one’s handwriting by framing notes or recipes or by having something they’ve written engraved onto jewelry.
  • Create a shadow box using personal items that once belonged to your loved one or mementoes from places you visited together.
  • Wear their favorite perfume or cologne or spray it into the air to remind you of when they used to be near.

    Ways to honor a Loved One

  • Invite others who miss your loved one to watch your loved one’s favorite movie and share stories.
  • Set a place for your loved one at holiday dinners or other special occasions, complete with their picture and their favorite food or flower.
  • Finish a project they started. If it's a craft, such as knitting or woodworking, learn how as a way to share something they loved.
  • Donate to their favorite charity or volunteer in their place.
  • Visit their old friends and listen to their stories of your loved one; you might learn something about them you didn’t know before.

It doesn't take much to honor a deceased loved one. In fact, any time you stop and think of them-the way they laughed, the way they liked their coffee, the special smile they gave only you-you honor them. Perhaps the ideas above will suggest to you ways to honor someone you loved. If not, think about them for a while; an idea will come to you.

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