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  • 01/04/18

    My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer in December. We contacted VITAS. You were able to send Nurse Armilee to assess my mother right away. She was very compassionate and understanding of my family's concerns. She answered all our questions and assured my father's understanding of how her condition would be managed. I truly appreciate Armilee's professionalism and thoughtfulness with regard to my family's situation. Thank you to our VITAS hospice team.

  • 09/07/17

    I would specifically like to thank nurse Cheryl S. I was visiting my grandfather at the hospice in the Woodlands and I was struck by her incredible compassion and professionalism. It was obviously a difficult time for our family, but she was a bright spot in our despair. I also work in the healthcare field so I know how emotionally draining her job can be but she was so sensitive, gracious and comforting. From her demeanor and behavior, you would have thought she only had one patient (our grandfather). She was an unbelievable blessing I hope she is recognized for her excellence.

  • 08/24/17

    We only worked with VITAS for about 4 days. It was a very long and trying 4 days at the end of my sister's life. The inpatient facility at The Woodlands was fabulous. They made it very comfortable for those of us staying with my sister. Everyone on staff, from the nurses to the aides bringing lunch went above and beyond to not only care for my sister but also care for her family. For a horrible situation, I could not imagine it going any better. Would definitely recommend this company.

  • 06/06/17

    My father was a patient with VITAS and I never had any issues with the organization. I was very pleased with the care. Unfortunately, his illness became terminal so we had to transition to VITAS hospice. I commend them for all the kind words and care my father received. After he was called upon the Lord, they still continued to follow up with our family. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

  • 04/20/17

    A very good friend of mine, George Scott Hadley, passed away April 5th at the VITAS Healthcare Facility in the Woodlands, TX. While it was a very emotional day, your hospice care staff made the experience so much more bearable. I want to give special credit to Brenda who was my friend's attending nurse throughout the day. She expertly prepared us for what was about to happen as my friend passed. She spent time with us to hear stories about our friend. Laughed with us and cried with us. This care and concern was immeasurable. If you would please pass along our appreciation to Brenda and the entire staff. ¡Gracias!